Why Dropshipping Is the Best Platform for You to Start an Online Business As A Newbie

E-commerce is growing. Did you know that according to the New York Times, 8.4 percent of retail sales take place on our computers? It is convenient for customers, and it is cost-effective for companies. An online retailer can sell more products that their physical retail counterparts with fewer workers. In fact, almost 75 percent of e-commerce companies employ four or fewer […]

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Gratitude During Difficult Times

The Las Vegas massacre was officially the worst mass shooting in modern US history: I want to take some time to provide value to your life. I mean that is what life is all about right ? Providing value to others. I Truly believe that people are here to serve people. To help one another, Support one another, and love […]

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Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers of 2017

Being a platform that tends to share unconventional wisdom, the team at Influencive thought it only made sense to showcase a group of extraordinary professionals that are influencing others around the world in various ways. These people are all doing amazing things and they are all Influencive; or as most people like to call them “influencers”. This is an official Influencive group of influencers that […]

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