👸🏼Female Entrepreneurs: What You’ll Need to Thrive in a Male-Dominated Society – Lana Haddad

Over the last couple of years keeping up in male dominant circles, I have gotten this question asked multiple times by my fellow lady entrepreneurs; “ How do you do it?, How do you keep up with the guys?, What’s your secret? ”. I think the answer is simple , I never have thought of myself less than any woman [...] Read more

INFLUENCIVE : How to Succeed in a Crowded Entrepreneurial Marketplace

4 min read – In this era of Millennial marketing, social marketing, and influencer outreach, there are simply thousands of strategies your business can use to get where you need to go…this company is a pioneer in their own right because they’ve also paved the way for four branding movements we can all emulate. Here are the strategies you could take to […]

Read more
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