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You are in control.

I’m a firm believer that having the right communication skills can dramatically alter the outcome of a simple conversation. Why do I feel so strongly about communication skills? The answer is simple. It’s because I rely on these skills on a daily basis in every aspect of life. Whether I’m talking to business partner’s, answering client questions, talking to strangers in public or maybe even trying to get a extra scoop of chicken at chipotle haha, communication is vital!

Being able to communicate properly and effectively can not only enhance daily conversation but also influence people around you. A common misconception is that communication is only used in selective part of life & avoidable…


People who even have speech disabilities still use communication skills to converse and interact in daily life. People who excel in games like charades show clear signs of knowing how to use communication to their advantage.

The ironic part about this specific skill set is it’s not all covered at any level of education. Communication is absolutely a necessity in society. In primary school, where the foundation of communication should be, there is no teaching how to conduct or hold a conversation, or how to analyze the direction of the conversation and how to influence the outcome at the end of the conversation. Does the education system not think we will have to ever talk to anyone once we graduate, or hold a conversation, or debate in the real world?

Years ago I was friends with this shy, reserved, seven year old boy. He hung out out with me on a regular basis. One Saturday, he came to my house and we spent the day together. His mom arrives to pick him up. My mom and I walk him to his car to say our goodbyes and thank you’s. But he had something else in mind… He ran straight to the car and shut the door. His mom proceeds by saying “he’s been shy since he was born! It’s normal.”

Not only do schools neglect to teach communication skills but not all parents take the time to do so either. Generally, parents just make excuses and find the shy characteristic adorable. I am not at all trying to say that every parent in america who has a “shy” child is not doing their job, but parents should be aware of this. What parents don’t realize is by not addressing this “shy“ quality in their child, it sets them up for failure in the future. It is actually scientifically proven that the only fear we have growing up is fear of loud noises and falling; so what parent’s fail to realize is that they are instilling a false fear and excuse that could be avoidable.

Whether I’m speaking to someone formally or informally I always keep in mind how I’m using my hands or the clarity in my voice. Nonverbal communication plays an even more important role than verbal. If you’re telling someone you love them but your body language is portraying “get away from me,” do you think they are going to find what you’re saying credible or valid? Eye contact, how you sit during a conversation or when listening to someone speak is a huge part of nonverbal communication.

For myself personally a few things I did to enhance my communications skills was first, when I was in public I made an effort to talk to strangers and learn the names of at least 5 people. Why I did this was because I wasn’t always comfortable talking to people I just met let alone strangers. My best tip to anyone who wants to better their communication skills is to take yourself out of your comfort zone. The ONLY way to get better at communication is to communicate!

When it comes to literature that can help you sharpen your communication skills and take your influence to the next level I recommend How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book teaches you how to make simple tweaks in your mannerisms when having a conversation to help you win the discussion, influence the outcome, win friends, build relationships etc.. You can only learn so much from the people around you to excel in life. You have to seek out the knowledge that only 3% of the world know. So do yourself a favor and START COMMUNICATING the right way to get what you want out of life!

I personally challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and improve these skills! Whether it’s reading a book on the topic of communication, or practice speaking in front of the mirror and your friends, or even finding a mentor to teach you.

Thanks for reading let me know your thoughts below!



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