Gratitude During Difficult Times

The Las Vegas massacre was officially the worst mass shooting in modern US history:
I want to take some time to provide value to your life. I mean that is what life is all about right ? Providing value to others. I Truly believe that people are here to serve people. To help one another, Support one another, and love one another. If you haven’t noticed the world isn’t necessarily in good standards.
This week we faced another unfortunate tragedy taken place in Las Vegas. 59 innocent people killed. People of all ages had their lives taking away. They were not given the opportunity to say goodbye. They had no indication they were not returning back to their wives, husbands, parents, sons, daughters, family, or friends. I think we can all agree that it isn’t fair. We can all agree that their is so much pain and hurt around us. We need to pray for these families, for their strength to endure the pain.
If there is one thing we could all agree, we must be grateful for our lives. Life is a precious gift and needs to be cherished. Take some time today to show Gratitude for your life. Take some time to tell the people you love that you LOVE THEM. That you appreciate, love, care, and support them. Give them a hug and kiss. Hold them tight and let them feel your love. Let go of what doesn’t matter and hold onto what does. Today is your day to let go and forgive if necessary. Be grateful for the ones you love because tomorrow is never promised.
Remember to love yourself and be thankful for the opportunities you been given. Take full advantage of your life. Value your life by valuing your time. Don’t waste time working a job you don’t like. Get out of destructive relationships that are unsatisfying. Experience your life, seriously like explore new areas, try new hobbies, try new foods, and my favorite make new friends. Life has so much to offer if you learn to seek the right things.
Remember, we can be the change we want to see in the world!
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