‘👓Humble Narcissists👑’ Are More Likely To Make MILLIONS🏦

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Having a BIG EGO is THE BEST THING THAT MAY EVER HAPPEN TO YOU & it can also be the WORST THING IN THE WORLD & WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.  The only way to see success with an ego is to become a HUMBLE NARCISSIST (two seemingly oxymoronic traits)😂. Yet, you will have a high chance of achieving success if you can figure out to get these attributes to exist simultaneously. Narcissism and Ego give individuals the self-confidence to aim extremely high, but TRUE greatness requires more humble behavior. Here is the catch though, there is one thing you can’t EVER do… 

You can not display your EGO to anybody else. Your ego must be kept 1000% to yourself. Nobody must ever know how highly you truly think of yourself. Nobody must see this side of you. The second you display your ego outside of yourself, you’re done.


It will destroy your business, your relationships, and your trust with your team, customers and/or clients.

Use your self-induced EGO to boost your confidence, not your image. Nobody gives two flying f*cks about how you see yourself! The truth is 99.9% of people only care about themselves anyway, so if you are only promoting yourself to others, you will immediately lose others interest.

The problem is most people build their ego off of what other people perceive them to be. So when others tell them they are great and wealthy, they believe they are great and wealthy…

But.. when someone talks down, calls them ugly, and says they suck, they believe they are ugly, not worthy, and they suck, especially if it’s someone they perceive to be of high value like the hot girl at their school, an icon, the popular guy, their parents, best friends, the rich entrepreneur or whoever the HELL it is.

This is so WRONG in so many ways. The problem with your ego being factored off these factors at even the smallest of scale puts your confidence and abilities at risk of being in someone else’s control besides yourself. You must be in 1000% control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions if you want to become successful.

I think so highly of myself that I don’t give a SH*T  about what anyone thinks. I believe I’m the greatest, I don’t care if you are stronger than me, better looking than me, make more money than me, or am older and have more experience than me. One of my mentors once told me the following questions that changed my life, here is how our conversation went:

“If you had the most attractive person you know call you ugly, would you be offended?

Yes, of course.

If you had a little green alien with one eyeball called you ugly, would you be offended?

No, not even the slightest bit.

But why? They said the same thing?

Yeah but one of them is super attractive and the other one is worthless.

He told me… 

“That’s only YOUR personal perspective, you’re basing your emotions and confidence in two separate ways to two different people saying the EXACT same thing based on YOUR PERCEIVED VALUE that you gave each individual. You’re giving them the POWER to determine how you feel and operate because you either perceive them to be more or less important than yourself.”

This changed everything for me. I started looking to value myself and appreciate myself more than anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not ignorant to other people’s constructive criticism, opinions, or advice. I take it all in, I just positioned myself as an expert in my field that I know 99% of people are talking out of their ASS when talking to me. No matter their influence or credibility I think so much more highly of myself then their what their opinions are, now if it’s a FACT it is a different story. Seek that criticism, not to get yourself down, or beat yourself up, but to learn where you can grow. Accepting criticism and using it to improve has been an enormous learning process for me, and continues to be difficult but I strive every day to filter out the real constructive criticism versus cynical hate. This is where self-awareness comes in. You must know all your strengths and weaknesses. When your self-aware you know what criticism, advice, and opinions to take seriously and which ones to dump in the trash.

You don’t want to be the guy or girl who always thinks they are right because of prior success they achieved, this leads people to think that the people who hate on them may be hating off of pure jealousy; but, the reality is sometimes something that you are doing may actually cause them to perceive you in a different way that may resonate negatively with them. Trust me, I know  this may not be your intention but its still important to know and learn their (Your haters) perspective because you may be able to tweak your approach which will allow you to win and influence them, allowing you to grow from that.  

If you think your work is perfect, or worse, if you seek others out to affirm that belief… you’re not going to grow very quickly. I always know that I’m moving forward when I take a piece of feedback and use it as motivation to become better. For most people it is the other way, their ego is based off of what other people think of them and how they are viewed by others.

Inside my head, my ego and narcissism are so freakin’ high that it’s allowed me to have an insane amount of confidence in my actions allowing me to execute in my business and operate at the highest level.

Confidence is one of the major key factors I believe allow someone to really succeed and fly because it removes self-doubt and skepitism when people decide grind and it replaces them with BELIEF and HUNGER. I see too many people scared to really go all in because their confidence is shattered and crumbled, due to the fact their inner-ego is too small and their outer ego is massive but corrupted.

Flip that way of thinking, think so highly of yourself and use that to boost your confidence and use that confidence to make powerful decisions inside of your life and business. Then its as simple as executing with power to get things done.

Don’t let what other people think of you form your ego. Just remember you want an INNER EGO, not outer ego. Remember your outer-ego in business is like dust in your eye, if someone says something that you don’t like, its going to lower your clarity and you won’t be see which means you will not able to execute what you are trying to get done.

At the end of the day you can’t deny that narcissism gets results look at Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump; and loved or hated they have results in their field. I promise you can ACTUALLY make an impact and leave a legacy IF you choose to; You have to be able to be totally self-involved and egotistical to be able to boost your beliefs so high that you are eager to push your vision and share your mission with the world, just remember what Kendrick said, REMAIN HUMBLE.😉

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