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Below you will find the current list of the only official Team Jet Set members:

Josh King Madrid is the host of The Dropout Degree, a podcast show top-ranked as one of the top 100 Business Podcast In The World on iTunes. An avid hustler, at only 19 years old, he has created a massive online-empire and is responsible for creating over $1M in revenue. Josh has built and sold multiple online businesses. He is Founder & CMO of Jet Set Media, a full service digital media and consulting agency.  He is co-founder of Excommerce, a seven-figure e-commerce & marketing SAAS and educational platform. His other ventures vary from e-commerce, internet marketing, social media consulting, SAAS and affiliate marketing. Josh is ranked as one of the Top Influencive Influencers of 2017

Find Josh here: http://www.joshkingmadrid.com

Instagram: @jetsetfly
Facebook: fb.com/joshkingmadrid
Snapchat: JoshKingMadrid
Twitter: twitter.com/joshkingmadrid
Youtube: JoshKingMadrid

J Rich is a 20 year old serial entrepreneur, investor, and a mentor.

After being raised by a single mother in a dangerous environment and taking the bus everyday to school I was able to do a complete 180 and turn my negative situation into a positive outcome. I have now been able to make six figures a month in eCommerce while helping and inspiring others along the way. Follow my social media for the road map on how to crush it in eCommerce because I am a true believer that anything is possible with the right guidance.

Instagram: @jrichofficial
Snapchat: lifeofjrich
Twitter: jrichofficial

Thaddeus Strickland got into the entrepreneurship space at the meager age of 16. Failing and tripping his way through multiple industries, he finally found his first success in e-commerce drop shipping. Right off the bat, he was generating upwards of $2,000 a day for each of his stores, generating over $74,000 from one single store in just two and a half months. One after the other, he quickly assembled an e-commerce empire. Owning an Audi S5 and a BMW i8 on order, he now operates in multiple industries including SAAS, Software, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing, and even dabbles in content creation and directing. He’s a true serial entrepreneur.

Instagram: @thaddeustrickland
Snapchat: thaddeus44
Youtube: Business With Thaddeus

Casey Adams is a 16 year old serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. After being diagnosed with interspinous ligament damage, he was able to turn his negative situation into a positive outcome and inspire others all over the world. He have now published his first book to teach people the value of creating a personal brand on social media. He shows individuals step by step on how they can grow their network, and become an authorities figures on social media.

Book:  Rise of The Young
Facebook: fb.com/caseyadamsofficial
Instagram: @caseyadams1

Cameron Eakins, 20 years old, is Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Team Jet Set is a professional business marketer , affiliate marketer, e-commerce entrepreneur, personal development coach as well as the owner of a online SAAS company. He is also very passionate about fitness and health, which led him to starting his own online training company: JetSet Fitness & Co-Owner of vitamin supplement company, Valence-Fuel.

Instagram: @jetsetcam
Twitter: @cameroneakins
Facebook: fb.com/cameakins
Snapchat: @camthecoach

Jay Tee was raised in south central LA by a single mother with 4 kids. His mother would sometimes sacrifice eating some days just so she can afford the rent and as well as so she can feed Jay Tee and siblings. Jay Tee was sick and tired of seeing his mother struggle and transformed that pain & struggle into burning motivation and with only $300 in his bank account Jay Tee invested into starting his own e-commerce business. Jay Tee now consistently brings in over $5,000 a day in revenue with his e-commerce business, which he was able to achieve within his first 60 days in the e-commerce industry. He is skilled specifically with with drop-shipping and creating multiple passive reselling eBay accounts.

Instagram: @lifewithjayt
Snapchat: LifeOfJayTee

Ricky Rich is 26 years old from Los Angeles, CA. Has been involved in the sales industry for over 7 years. He has created multiple high six figure sales teams and built and managed several sales teams from scratch as well as the founder of Nuggets At Night, a motivational podcast that takes place every night. Ricky takes pride in serving others and helping them unlock their full potential. Ricky is also a motivational speaker and life coach who guarantees to help you build your self confidence and produce better and greater results in your life.

Instagram: @realrickyrich
Facebook: fb.com/ricky.r.ascencio
Snapchat: snaprickyrich

Eric Luevano, is a social media marketing expert and master sales/closing training, e-commerce salesman, personal development coach and CEO of JetSetMedia. Over the past few years Eric has grew multiple sales forces that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Eric personally coached multiple individuals to unleash their inner power when it comes to build 6/7 figure businesses and living the lifestyle of abundance in the e-commerce and marketing industry.

Facebook: fb.com/ericjosephyluevano
FB Page: facebook.com/jetsetric
Twitter: @ericjluevano

Tyree Araya is a 20 year old entreprenuer, currency investor & has ran multiple online businesses selling thousands of products using social media. He is currently educating hundreds of people on how to make money from their smart phones & become financially independent. Tyree believes your network is your Networth which is exactly why he’s partnered up with Team Jetset, to take things to the next level. His social media is below.

Instagram: @TyreeAraya
Snapchat: imtyree1
Facebook: fb.com/TyreeAraya96

Lana Haddad, COO of JetSetMedia and Manager of JetSet Consulting Agency, is one of the top female saleswomen and personal development coaches in the industry as well the marketing & visual content advisor for Team Jet Set.

Instagram: @jetsetlana
Facebook: fb.com/lanahaddad
Twiter: @jetsetlana
Snapchat: lanaahaddad

Vincenzo Calvanese the Man With The Camera! Aka JetSetVinny is the official videographer and content creator for Team Jet Set. Vinny is from the Midwest and moved out to Cali about 4 years ago because he felt that this was where he needed to be to build an empire! Vinny is a master networker and networking has really changed his life and opened up so many doors. He have been doing what he is most passionate about consistently for the last few years. Documentation is key and he knows he couldn’t be in a better spot to do so. He is now fulfilling his dream making content for some of the top young entrepreneurs in the game, which is now his team, Team Jet Set.

Instagram: @jetsetvinny
Facebook: fb.com/vincenzo.calvanese.92
Snapchat: Calvin1215

Lukas Michailidis is a 19 year old youngster in the Entrepreneur space. He started his Entrepreneur journey only 6 months ago and managed to build a 6 figure income from ZERO within less than 6 months through affiliate marketing and mentorship from Josh. He is now diversifying his income and pursuing e-commerce sales. Lukas’s networking skills gave him the ability to get connected with multiple successful entrepreneurs which has helped him cut the learning curve and reach financial success fairly quick. After being recruited and accepted into Team Jet Set, Lukas is now on a mission to help others on the rise that were in a similar situation to him not too long ago.

Instagram: @jetsetlukas
Facebook: fb.com/lukasmichailidis
Snapchat: jetsetlukas

Robert Halverson aka “Jet Set Bobby” is a 19 year old entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and sales professional from Menifee, CA. He has been apart of the original Jet Set Brand founded 2 years ago, and has excelled being a top D1 collegiate athlete. Bobby has recently joined the Ecommerce wave and is projected to part ways as a college athlete to dropout of college and become a full-time entrepreneur by late October after hitting the 6 figure mark.

Instagram: @jetsetbobby

Jose Aristimuño is a political strategist in Washington, D.C. and President and Founder of NOW Strategies LLC. Aristimuño is the former Deputy National Press Secretary for The Democratic Party. Previously, he worked at the Department of Health and Human Services where he was the Director of Specialty Media. During the 2016 election cycle, Aristimuño was the Deputy National Press Secretary and Director of Hispanic Media for the former Governor of Maryland. He mastered the art of getting attention and press for your business.

Instagram: josearistimuno 

Shane Conrad, or JetSetConrad, is currently the oldest of the group. Shane followed the “corporate ladder” structure from 16 up until an entrepreneurial opportunity fell in his lap. Three years later he sold his first company for around $15 million. Still unsatisfied, he jumped into ecommerce with his mentor and built several stores which equate to $1-2 million/year in revenue.  Using this money, he began angel investing and now owns shares in over 10+ businesses including a Krav Maga school (loves to fight), a consulting company, Grant Cardone Investments, and even a few SAAS companies. His goals are to continue generating wealth while also making a positive impact to those around him.

Instagram: jetsetconrad

Elijah Alexander is a 19 year old sales & networking expert, affiliate marketing & public speaker. He has been an avid world traveler who has mastered the art of positioning himself with networking to leverage opportunities. He is known for his persuasion skills as well as his success in affiliate marketing. He has been a public speaker for over 4 years and have spoke in front of crowds of over 2,500 people.