🔑Patience, Persistence, and Positvity Equal Execution w/ Ricky Rich

Hey you! Yes you! I am requesting your full attention. Please remove all distractions and take out a notebook and pen. I will add that many of you will take notes but never review or apply them. Shame on you. If I just described your normal process, please play close attention! This content will change your life.

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving a increased amount of direct messages, emails, and text. The number one question is, “Ricky, how do I EXECUTE?”

Now before I move forward. I would like to ask for permission to be one-million percent direct and real. If you are still reading this, remember EXECUTION is growth, success, and progression. Executing is all that matters at the end of the day. You either find solutions or excuses. Success is black or white, there is no “in the middle”.

Nobody cares about what you know but rather what you do. Remember that ideas, effort, and “trying your best “are S***!

In life we are valued by what we accomplish, contribute, and create! Execution is a skill set and it can be taught.  There isn’t one way to execute in this world. Successful people have different processes but the same mindsets.

When I see the word EXECUTION, I immediately reference the three Ps of Life. You must be Patient, Persistent, and Positive when working toward executing your goals. A person who applies and masters these principles will have a increase in results.  Practicing the three Ps will transform your perspective. Our perspective controls the way we feel. The way we feel reflects our performance. If you feel great you will perform great. If you feel bad you will perform bad. It is that simple.

Success is not overnight, and the graph of growth is never a straight line. There will be ups and downs in every persons journey. Understand that whatever you are going through is part of the process. Be patient. Do not be in a hurry to win the world.

It takes time. You can shorten the time it takes by increasing your effort and action. There will be occasions when there will be a lot of self-doubt. There will be times where you are seeing no progression. This is when it is time to be patient and increase your effort.

Persistence is probably one of the most admirable characters a person can possess.  It’s the ability to be determined to achieve something regardless of any setbacks. Persistence direct correlates with a non-negotiable agreement with yourself. That you will continue to work regardless of your circumstances. You will be relentless and take action until the job is done. There is no room for doubt where persistence is present. A persistent person ignores the daily trials and focuses all of their energy on production. They won’t stop until the job is done!

The road to success is not easy, in fact, it’s challenging, this is why only few succeeds.  There will be countless times you will be face with defeat and failures that if you are weak, you’ll fall into negative thoughts, fears, and doubts. A positive mental attitude is crucial. You need to develop rhino skin and not let any circumstance effect your performance. Positive Mental Attitudes look for opportunity during hardships. They look at failure as a learning experience and are able to maximize their potential. Positive Mental Attitudes create solutions and never dwell on problems. These type of individuals will stay consistent. Consistency is a key factor when trying to execute. Remember any time you are experiencing negative thoughts, positive action will eliminate them.

If you want to execute, change your perspective. Change your perspective by applying patience, persistence, and positivity on a daily basis. You are in full control. Remember to shift your focus

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