🎬 How To Take Full Control of Your Life & Start Dominating Everything

Wait ! Wait! Wait! Before you read on, please commit to reading the entire blog. Just so you’re aware, I am going to be brutally honest, truthful, and direct. Yes I know it can be hurtful but I promise you the pain is necessary to grow. Are you ready? Jetset, GO!

Let me start by saying congratulations on making it to the second paragraph! You are a real one. You obviously are one of very few who face the truth rather than run from it. I have a saying in life, ” Truth is the first step of progression”. Now you don’t have to believe everything you are reading.

I would not expect you to, but what I will ask is to consider it.

The reality is millions of people have amazing, creative, and meaningful ideas. I mean  ideas that would positively contribute and shake the world.

The ugly truth is only a small percentage of people will EXECUTE. This small percentage of people aren’t necessarily the smartest, most skilled, or talented. In fact some of the small percentage didn’t graduate from college or  high school. But what makes them different?

Why are they able to create, produce, and execute in life?

The answer is simple! But you probably wouldn’t believe me if I shared it.

By the end of this blog I can guarantee one thing.  Apply this principle and change your life. It is that simple.

Please do not complicate this, just absorb and apply. Trust me on this one!

The most influential and successful people in the world FOCUS only on what they can control. Seriously! They do not let people or any circumstance throw them off of their game. Successful people accept they can’t control what happens to them. Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and adversities. These are the times in our lives when our character is born. Remember that anytime you feel pain, you are growing. Growth in life often comes from continuing to execute during the most difficult times in life. But it means absolutely nothing if you don’t learn where to shift your FOCUS.

The reality is the majority of people shift their focus towards things they can’t control. That is a recipe for inconsistency, chaos, and regression. Everybody can be a great starter, but only a few can follow through and execute. It has nothing to do with your abilities, skills, or talents. It is one-hundred percent your ability to focus on what you can control. Once this happens, it becomes clear we control way more than we think. For instance we are in control of what determines every outcome in our lives. We are in control of how we respond to every situation, circumstance, challenge, or adversity. Enough with the excuses, stories, and every reason you give yourself for not creating the life you desire. Focus on only what you can control.

I would like to challenge you to shift your FOCUS. Concentrate on only the things which are in your control. If you don’t know where to start, simply start with you. Every person is in full control and responsible for everything that happens in your life. Now is the time to accept full responsibility and appreciate it. Remember that your ability to execute and progress depends on where you focus energy. Now you are aware so the next time you are angry, stressed, frustrated, or emotional ask yourself, “Am I in control?”. If the answer is no, drop it and let it go. If it is in your control don’t spend energy  crying about it. Throw all of your energy toward creating and producing whatever is needed to improve it. You are in full control of your life, take control! Ready, JETSET, GO!






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