What I Learned From Everyone’s “First Friend” 👀.. You Know Him As MYSPACE TOM – Josh King Madrid & Tom Anderson Talk Social Media

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This weekend I had the opportunity to hangout with someone very important. Without this person, social media may not have been born. We met at an Influencer & Entrepreneur Party that I co-hosted, this “someone” is most commonly known by many as MySpace Tom. Millennials, if you have not heard of Tom, ask your mom and dad and I guarantee they have. Tom was the founder of the very first popular social media platform called Myspace. Before there was Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there was Tom.

When people talk about Myspace, they tend to remember two things: the often hilarious status updates they shared as teenagers, and the face of Tom, the first friend everyone had on Myspace. What most people don’t know about the platform and its founder though is that the popular social networking site, Myspace, was sold in 2005 for a startling $580 million. It was also the largest social networking site in the world between 2005 and 2008, and even surpassed Google as the most visited website in the US in June, 2006.

I remember all the cool kids at my school were on this platform so I decided to hop on and become cool too, unfortunately it didn’t last long though because my parents didn’t let me use myspace and grounded the hell out of me when they found out I made a myspace account behind their back…😂

So unfortunately I didn’t get to use Myspace long, but my parents did encourage me to make a Facebook account though, which back then was known as the “old person” platform; but since I used it so early it allowed me to get the jump on Facebook and learn how to make thousands of dollars while in middle school. (But… that’s a story for another time )..😜

Anyways, while I was with Tom, we spoke about the future of social media, the things required to build an online media platform, branding, team work and more, I realized how much real entrepreneurs have in common with each other despite all the dissimilarities like age, occupations, industries, and background.

When speaking with him, I learned a few things.  The reality is, if you want to become the “BIG BOSS” that makes BIG money you must do 3 THINGS. 👇

1. To build a start-up into a multi-million dollar company and to do it quickly, you need to sacrifice sleep.

I asked Tom, in the process of launching Myspace if he worked all day and if he did, how much sleep was he normally getting each night. He expressed that for the first 3 years of building this start-up from an idea to a multi-million (evaluated at billions) business that he only sleep 2-3 hours a night. He worked so long and hard at his craft that after 3 years he went from having a “baby face” at 25 years old to looking like he was in his mid-30s or older.

This is obviously insane and unattainable to the average person, but this explains why he produced results that were no where near average. Now, I’m not endorsing or telling everybody that they should or even could do this. It take’s a special type of person to do this but, you can’t expect insane superhuman results without insane superhuman work ethic and routines. You know what they say… Work hard for 4 years and have fun the rest of your life or have fun for 4 years and work hard the rest of your life.

Which is what Myspace Tom is doing… He been spending the last few years of his time traveling the world and having fun. You can learn more about that here.

2. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel, Just Make It Better

The easiest way to guarantee success: is to find multiple successful business models, find what people hate and dislike about them, fix these problems, and then merge it into one super business model. This is the strategy Tom used on Myspace, which is also the same exact strategy I personally have used for all my businesses in the past, it is by far one of the most unknown fool-proof ways to dominate an industry.

Not many people know about this yet, but Tom was telling me about his new social media platform that he plans on launching with this exact strategy.

I have no doubt in my mind, that it will be one of the next big successful platforms.

Now, I can’t give too much details on this platform but, what I will tell you guys is that Tom has been smart enough with this new platform to take all the complaints from all the current social media and content channels and is using them to build a roadmap allowing him to go on to destroy these issues and merge them into one social media platform. Further, this, will create a very lucrative platform for the users.

He actually did this exact same thing with Myspace. At the time there were many other social media platforms out but all of these didn’t have enough “spark” to take it to the next level. Tom found where these others channels were lacking and used that feedback to create Myspace, which allowed Myspace to catch massive momentum and form into one of the original social media platforms we know about today.


3. You Need A Team

Since Day 1, Tom has worked with a team to turn the Myspace vision into a multi-million dollar company. He didn’t do it all by himself and he didn’t try to take on task he knew he wasn’t specialized or qualified to do, but rather hired or partnered with individuals who were skilled enough to create, develop, and execute his mastermind ideas into perfection.

It’s not possible to scale by yourself so he had other people on his team have worked in senior positions in other big businesses.

Your partners are the most important part of a creating a successful business. If you don’t have good partners, it will not work.

You need to have similar sensibilities and surround yourself with people you trust. They will provide novel approaches to

potential problems.

Tom asked me about our team and gave us tips on how to expand Team Jet Set. He provided valuable insight on branding on social media using video content and youtube.


An exclusive Q&A with Myspace Tom, founder of Myspace social media platform. @jetsetfly @myspacetom

Josh King Madrid, Tom Anderson, Jon Madrid @jetsetfly @myspacetom @youngjetset


Stay Connected With Tom

I’m glad I got to connect to Tom and he was able to make it to our event, I’m looking forward to re-connecting with him and the future and becoming not only one of the first users on his new platform, but one of the first users to learn how to master marketing and monetization on it.

Follow Tom on Facebook and Instagram to stay current with his activities.


Josh King Madrid, founder of Team Jet Set, is a 19-year-old successful tech entrepreneur, influencer, investor, marketing specialist, coach and Founder of Team Jet Set & Excommerce; featured in StartUps, Forbes, Buzz Feed, Future Sharks & Influencive, he specializes in the industries of e-commerce, internet marketing, SAAS, business consulting, and social media. He has built one of the biggest entrepreneurial team brands in today’s generation and is currently working on launching multiple start-ups as well as writing a book, he strives to change the world one life at a time.

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If you found value here and would like to join the movement then start now by sharing this post on your social media. Thank you in advance.


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