True Friends Stab You From the Front⚔️ – Ricky Rich

Before really getting into the topic, I need to ask you something.  Can I be One-Hundred percent real with you?

If you answered yes, congratulations for taking the first step into progression.

All progression starts where truth begins. I can promise you one thing, I will only tell you,  “what you need to hear and never what you want to hear”.

Also I would like to add that everything I say doesn’t have to be your truth. We all operate through our own individual belief systems. Our belief systems contain our core values, morals, experiences, and perception of life. I would like to add,  our belief system has a direct correlation to who we decide to surround ourselves with. Pay close attention to how I said ” We Decide”. We are in full control of our lives and must take responsibility for it. It’s not up for debate or discussion,  our association determines the rate of our growth. This is the time to ask yourself, “Do my friends push me?” , “Do my friends tell me when I’m wrong?”,  “Are my friends willing to help me grow?”, and “Do my friends demand the best version of myself?”.

If the answer is “No” to any of those questions,  please pay extra attention.

It is critical that our life is designed for growth. The best way to insure our growth is put ourselves in Growth Environments.  Many times we slow down our own growth  because we are unwilling to change. Unwilling to leave relationships which are slowing, pushing, and holding  us down. We have to make the decision to hold ourselves to higher standards. With higher standards comes along higher quality of people. Its simple quality people create and design Growth Environments.

A  Growth Environment contains three things:

1. A place where others are ahead of me

2. A place where I am continually challenged

3. A place where focus is forward and not backward.

A mentor once told me, “if you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room”. We need to put ourselves in environments where value can be exchanged. Remember “if we aren’t growing we are dying”. The only people who can push you to level up are people on higher levels. My advice to anyone who wants to succeed is:   find someone with the results and spend the majority of time with them.

People on higher levels will naturally hold you to a higher standard. Creating higher standards in your life leads to new challenges, obstacles, problems to overcome. Through those adversities reaps new growth and success. Lastly a Growth Environment will contain full focus on the future and never on the past. Understand that the most successful people in the world don’t let the past dictate their futures. The best of best focus on ” What’s Next?”, regardless of past failures or successes. Remember “what you do great today will attract a greater tomorrow”. The only way we can operate at our greatest potential is to work towards our vision. The only we can focus on our vision is if the people around us our working towards theirs.

Ignorance in life is becoming aware and not taking action for change. Changing our association, changes our environment, which changes our results. Understand the people associated with Growth Environments will hurt us. They won’t be scared to hurt us in order to grow us. With any form of growth correlates pain. It is unavoidable, fall in love with being challenged and pushing past limits.

Make the decision today to create a higher standard for life. Higher standards create bigger successes, remember that.

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